The Conversation: Too many children with autism are let down by schools and end up in prison

For many young people, school can be a difficult place. And for some, it can be just about impossible. Negative experiences in school can have harmful long-term effects on pupils with autism spectrum conditions.

Official figures show that children, are increasingly being suspended or expelled from school because of “behavioural problems” – many of which include children on the autism spectrum. Some regions in the UK have experienced a 100% increase in these types of exclusions since 2011.

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LDToday: Parliamentary committee calls for greater protection from online learning disability hate crime

The Petitions Committee, a parliamentary committee of the House of Commons, has published its report “Online abuse and the experience of disabled people”. The report reveals the extreme level of abuse that disabled people receive online, calling for legislative change to give them same protections as those who suffer hate crime due to race or religion.

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Supported Loving Website

Supported Loving now has a brand new website. For people with learning disabilities finding love is often more than just chemistry – it can come down to getting the right support from your staff. The Supported Loving Campaign, set up by Choice Support, highlights the importance of good support in helping people with learning disabilities find love.

The new website has regular podcasts from people with learning disabilities, service providers, professionals and the Supported Loving Team to discussion important topics such as sex and relationships for people with learning disabilities. The blog includes many voices and stories from being transgender, what love is, life in the LBGTI LD community, how families and parents can help, finding love and lots more!

Supported Loving also invite you to join their network, made up of organisations and individuals who are passionate about improving good support for adults with learning disabilities. Join here and find out more about the network.