Development of Pict-O-Stat: Violence – Focus On Experiences of Violence and a Survey That Can Be Completed by the Individuals Themselves

The purpose of this paper was to find a method that makes it possible for people with intellectual disabilities to independently contribute to population-based research on sensitive subjects. It is important to be able to answer questionnaires independently in sensitive research areas because the participant may not want to ask for help in answering a questionnaire about sexual violence, domestic violence, etc.

Kerstin Kristensen and Anders Möller (2017) “Development of Pict-O-Stat: violence – focus on experiences of violence and a survey that can be completed by the individuals themselves”, Journal of Adult Protection, Vol. 19 Iss: 3, pp.146-1557

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To access the paper via Care Knowledge go here:,%20the%20fragility%20of%20the%20care%20home%20market,%20conflicts%20of%20interest%20in%20social%20care,%20palliative%20care%20in%20care%20homes,%20an%20improvement%20notice%20issued%20to%20Gloucestershire,%20sexual%20orientation%20and%20suicidal%20behaviour%20in%20young%20LGB%20people,%20homelessness%20projections,%20what%20is%20it%20like%20to%20live%20in%20a%20care%20home?,%20living%20standards%20and%20ethnicity%20and%20more&utm_content=165692&gator_td=TVno9K4ajc/HAXrycbssVu2xj2SsEHAq3rx2E4ewGCufiBm7aw87wVjTcb/5PXeBdjkazC+pBDBrQ1wEgqxUjaxMYY3Fplm+1bz9PffYcn+xcin0REpAEXZFNK7JT6HrgXlIwXYbSz9qDQOSuvbX592OXcjep0c0ihwp4i0G6BpA/HGlhDibKeOLZa/mevfUKRuOP2QKAxD0cWD17y4EOQ==

Learning Disability, Autism and Human Rights

This accessible booklet is designed to support individuals with learning disability and/or autism to use human rights when accessing care and support. It has been produced with the support of a range of organisations, using the views and feedback of people with learning disability and/or autism.

Download it here:

NAS survey on Clinical Commissioning for autism

The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of UK commissioners’ and their referral process of autistic adults and your views of the services provided by The National Autistic Society.,53LLL,BV9SAA,JJMM1,1

Women and autism: an interview with Charlene Tait

Charlene Tait is Director of Autism Practice and Research at Scottish Autism. Charlene was interviewed for Network Autism when she attended the XI Autism-Europe International Congress hosted by the National Autistic Society in 2016.

In this video Charlene discusses Scottish Autism’s innovative new online support programme for autistic women and girls, their families and professionals. She explores some of the difficulties that autistic women and girls may face, particularly around diagnosis.

To access the interview follow the link:,53LLL,BV9SAA,JJMLZ,1

Sick:Living with Invisible Illness- Exhibition at Sun Pier House, Chatham

August sees a new exhibition to be held at Sun Pier House Gallery, Sun Pier, Chatham, aimed at encouraging understanding of and support for invisible illness.

Entitled ‘SICK!’, part of a project funded by Arts Council England and Medway Council Arts Team, the exhibition will run from 5th to 27th August 2017 and is based around invisible illness and invisible disability.

More information here:


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