Youtube videos from #LDCoP16

Welcome Presentation – Daniel Marsden (LDCoP16 Chair)

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Health Education England Introduction to the day – Presented by Jane Butler (Head of Clinical Education) HEE KSS

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Dominic Slowie – National Clinical Director for Learning Disabilities, NHS England

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Scott Watkin – SeeAbility Advisor

Hayley Goleniowska & Sally Phillips – Downs Side up.

Simulated Hospital Admissions – involving people with a learning disability in teaching adult nursing students – Presented by Andy Nazarjuk (Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing) Canterbury Christ Church University

Hospital Mortality Review of Patients with Learning Disability – Presented by Adrian Simoes, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Meeting Specialist Training Needs – Presented by Jenny Spaull (Training Manager) Southdown Housing Association

Making it LOUD – Presented by Cathy Bernal (Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability) Canterbury Christ Church University

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust 5 Year Forward Pledge – Presented by Twyla Mart (Resourcing Manager) East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

Support Strategies for people who display Sexualised Behaviours that Challenge Others or the System. ‘Not even sure if my line manager even understands about his sexuality and stuff like that’ -Presented by Kirsty Bishop (Team Leader) Burgess autistic trust

Can Health B FUN – Des Clarke, Chris Hunter, Hannah Crowther, Philippa Harris (Community Learning Disability Nursing Team) Kent Community Health Foundation Trust

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Reasonable Adjustments: How can I help make this happen? – Presented by Cathy Bernal, Ronnie Treston, George Matuska, Steven Chapman, Vanessa Cowley, Daniel Marsden and Rags Subramaniam (co-presenters) Learning Disability Community of Practice

Springwell: supporting people with learning disabilities and complex needs to have a voice in their care planning process – Presented by Dr Jane Edmonds (Consultant Clinical Psychologist) Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust

Anticipatory care Calendar Project – Presented by Sue Marsden (Specialist Community Matron) Kent Community Health Foundation Trust

Reviewing the Health Equalities Framework and Data Intelligence – Presented by Shane Webber (Service Development Manager) Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

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Workforce development for people with intellectual disabilities: the perspective from people with intellectual disabilities – Presented by Jill Davies (Research Programme Manager), Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

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