People with learning disabilities teaching nurses at Canterbury Christchurch University

Over the past 18 months Andy Nazarjuk, Cathy Bernal and Andrew Southgate have been testing out innovative ways to to support Adult and Mental Health nurses learning about work with people with learning disabilities.
One very successful project has been inviting people with learning disabilities to be part of the simulation teaching, where the nurses got the opportunity to test out their communication skills and using tools such as the hospital passport.
Andrew Southgate has recently had his reflection on this published in the International Practice Development Journal
While Andy Nazarjuk, Cathy Bernal and Andrew Southgate have had their report published today in Learning Disability Practice
The latter has photos of the activities including the experts by experience talking with the student nurses.

If you know any people with learning disabilities in Kent and Medway that may like to teach student healthcare professionals, please let us know.

Enjoy the articles!

Daniel Marsden and the CoP team

Living Well Community of Practice Launch


On 16th May 2013 Canterbury Christchurch University and the English Centre for Practice Development hosted an event to launch a Kent and Medway Community of Practice for those that work with people with learning disabilities and those that advocate on their behalf.

May flyer

The launch was an inclusive event and packed with activities to enable our community to think about what might be possible if we all worked together!

A draft purpose, objectives and actions will be forthcoming for everyone to comment on.

In the meantime please check what people said about the event on twitter  

There will also be a some photos from the event posted here soon!

We would like this site to be a place for the community to come together. We’ll see how that may work!


Daniel Marsden and the CoP Team.