21st of Apr 2016 – Get Staff in the Door!

Get staff in the door: Free HEE00 KSS staff recruitment & retention coaching program

Imagine you are a newly qualified nurse caring for people with Intellectual Disabilities. How difficult would it be for you to secure a job? Would you fill in application forms or would employers from previous placements offer you an interview? Would recruitment agencies be hot on your heels? Once you have made your decision and you don’t like your job –how much trouble would you have finding another one?

If you are a provider in the LD Nursing & Care sector, you want to deliver a high standard of care. You want consistency and commitment. You want to be sure that you have a regular staff team, who know your clients and know how to meet their needs.

The reality is often very different. The report into workforce development for staff supporting clients with Intellectual Disabilities commissioned by Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex gives us a terrifying glance into the future. There is the risk of 40% of qualified staff retiring within the next 10 years. The predicted rise of the general population by 4% including the number of people with Intellectual Disabilities. The issue of education provision of not being able to meet the current requirements from employers leaving a gap of skilled staff.

How can you succeed in delivering high quality care and face these challenges head on?

This pioneering coaching program developed by The Coaching Nurse supported by Health Education Kent Surrey and Sussex offers you the chance to get new tools for your staff recruitment & retention needs. The best thing –it’s free!

If you are provider caring for people with Intellectual Disabilities based in Kent, Surrey and Sussex, why not join in? Check out the flyer for more details on how to register for a place.

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References: Matuska, G. (2015) “Workforce Development for people with Intellectual Disabilities”