Digital Inclusion: Mental Health Technologies for People With Learning Disabilities

Learning Disability Elf summary of a review paper that presents the state of the evidence and future directions for digital mental health and people with intellectual disabilities.

Sheehan, R., & Hassiotis, A. (2017) “Digital mental health and intellectual disabilities : state of the evidence and future directions.” Evidence-Based Mental Health, 20 (4), 107–111.


What Works in Community Led Support?

This summary draws together the headline findings and lessons from an evaluation of the Community Led Support (CLS) Programme hosted by the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi).

Between June 2016 and November 2017, NDTi supported seven local authorities and their partners to plan, design, implement and evaluate a new model of delivering community based care and support (community led support) – using approaches that ensure each local model is continually evolving, learning and developing. A further two authorities (including one who was an original member of the first cohort of CLS sites) who are involved in similar community led initiatives also joined the CLS Programme Network and contributed their experiences, data and learning to ensure this evaluation takes accounts of experiences dating back to 2014-15.

Access the report here.

Health and Care of People with Learning Disabilities 2016 to 2017

For this report information on people with and without learning disabilities was collected from over half of GP practices in England 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17, to identify potential differences in the treatment, health status and outcomes of people with learning disabilities compared with rest of the population.

Funding for supported housing: what does the consultation mean for integrating housing and social care?

Local Housing Allowance (“LHA”) is a cap on the amount of housing benefit an individual can claim when renting in the private sector. It is based on the lowest 30th percentile of local rented accommodation when comparing similar properties in a locality.

Find out more here.

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