@KSSLDCoP officially πŸš€ at #LDCoP16 last week; the evaluation is OUT NOW along with a chance to win a prize from @uk_beyondwords

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The KSS LD CoP would like to thank all involved both participants and delegate in supporting the launch of the @KSSDLCoP last week at #LDCoP16.

Lots of work has continued to go on over the last few days to get the learning from the event shared with you as soon as possible examples of these are:

  • the development of a new website,
  • collecting and producing a @Storify record of all your tweets from the day, sharing all the amazing photos taken during the day
  • and editing/ publishing all the amazing presentations in PDF form and via @YouTube.

While most of these are a few day/ weeks away from sharing the evaluation of the day is not you can now complete you evaluation of the day either at http://goo.gl/forms/owyxjNLc18uI8ni83 or go to the conference page on this web site which can be found at: https://kentlivewell.wordpress.com/conferences/the-launch-of-the-kent-surrey-sussex-learning-disability-community-of-practice/

Remember all participants who complete an evaluation and provide there contact details will be entered into the draw for a free subscription to the Beyond Words Story App. The Story App is a fast and simple way to access pictures that will help enable people to explore and understand the world. For over 25 years Beyond Words have been creating books with and for people with learning disabilities, and for the first time, the new App now gives you access 1800+ pictures and 400 scenarios (short stories) at your fingertips. This six month subscription also includes access to the Book Shelf of all the Beyond Word books. http://booksbeyondwords.co.uk/story-app


We all look forward to seeing you feedback soon

Best regards

George Matuska on behalf of

Kent Surrey & Sussex Learning Disability Community of Practice

Website :- http://kentlivewell.wordpress.com/

Twitter :- @KSSLDCoP

email :- learningdisabilitycop@gmail.com


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