Bild Restraint Reduction Network: REsTRAIN YOURSELF Toolkit

The REsTRAIN YOURSELF Toolkit encompasses the Six Core Strategies of restraint reduction developing in the US by Kevin Ann Huckshorn PhD, State Director, Delaware. It was adapted for the UK by: Joy Duxbury (University of Central Lancashire), Julie Cullen (AQuA), Paul Greenwood (AQuA), John Baker (University of Leeds), Owen Price (University of Manchester), Julia Woods (AQuA Associate, Julia Wood and Associates Ltd) and Anthony Mather (AQuA).

Use of the model within the toolkit has successfully reduced the use of restraint and seclusion in a variety of mental health settings, for children adults across the US and internationally.

The toolkit draws on complex adaptive theory and human factors theory, in order to bring about the changes needed to avoid causing harm to patients through the use of restraint.

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