Addressing Health Inequalities Event taking shape

Along with our main speaker Prof Ruth Northway who will be sharing her experiences of researching inclusively, we have been pleased to receive nine quality submissions sharing developments in practice in line with the aims of the event:-

  1. to be person centred
  2. to provide the best quality care and support
  3. to improve equality and access

These have come from diverse set of organisations reflecting issues such as:-

  • sexual health,
  • hate crime,
  • easy to understand information,
  • community development and support,
  • skills to care for the future,
  • making reasonable adjustments and
  • person centred culture change in independent and statutory services.

This event is intended to be inclusive and open to all. An agenda for the event will be available very soon.

We are intending to have social media presence at the event, look out for the hashtag soon!

In the meantime you can register for places at our eventbrite page now!


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