Tribute to Simon Barker

Tribute to Simon Barker.

Simon is one of the most amazing men I have known.  I met him after I was appointed manager of a new service which we were setting up for him and three other men and which he moved into in June1999. We got on immediately and I became extremely fond of him.

Simon completely inspired me in terms of understanding what a really competent support service needed to include, he helped me be certain that PBS was the way forward and he contributed, in no small way, to me doing what I do now.

I loved and respected Simon’s rebelliousness, his huge enthusiasm and passion for anything that really mattered to him and his firm dismissal of anything that didn’t. Simon is one of the most loyal, fun-loving, at times reckless, always determined, honest and kindest people I have known and I’m immensely proud that he called me ‘friend’.

Tom Evans

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