Research: Accessible Tourism for People with Disabilities

[Posted on behalf of Freya Rattenbury]


We are a group of final year Surrey University students working on a consultancy project alongside Kent County Council with an aim to make countryside tourism accessible to the disabled market. We are therefore researching into the disabled market in aim to understand their accessibility needs. We also need to have a better understanding about the most effective marketing strategies for this audience. We are reaching out to you as charities in hope that you can aid us with our secondary research and would consider a short constructive interview regarding this market, marketing strategies, their needs and overall to help enable us to improve access to the Kent Countryside. If you would be happy to cooperate over an interview, please respond with a telephone number or appropriate email. 

We have also constructed a market survey that we hope will give us a deeper understanding of our audience. The survey looks to gain an understanding of your past experiences when engaging with tourist destinations, where you would look for tourist destinations and how you feel about what is currently available to you. 

It would be massively appreciated if you could share this survey with your contacts, directly to disabled people or carers, assisted living, residential or care home partners, and local charity branches. 

Please click here for the market survey link.

We very much look forward to hearing back from you.

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