Kent Good Health Group says let’s us improve access to Healthchecks!

On 18th February the Learning Disability Community of Practice was invited to the Kent Learning Disability Partnership Board‘s Health subgroup – The Good Health Group.

We explained the purpose of the Community of Practice using the below presentation.

Kent Community of Practice Presentation

We worked with the group to identify:-

1) What we do really well at in Kent?

2) What we are worried about?

3) What ways could we work together to improve peoples health in Kent?

This is what people said.

CCI picture

There was a lot of talk about the numbers of people going for Annual Health Checks and what this entails.

One person said they would write an easy to read piece on Health checks and what to expect. We’ll publish the results on here soon!

What do you think ought to be done to improve the health of people with learning disabilities? We’d like to know!

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