Lifeswap – 23rd June Online Event

Thanks to Becky, Ronnie, Stewart, and Diane for sharing and demonstrating Lifeswap with the Community.

A recording of this emotive and inspiring session is available below. 

From the group work we heard that the Community of practice could reduce stigma by raising and maintaining awareness of people with learning disabilities in society including individual achievements, and data relating to equalities, while better educating care providers including mental health services/

Homegroup’s Lifeswap role model guides are also available below.  LGBT+ Role Models Guide 2020
Role Models Guide 2020

University of Surrey Research Fellow opportunity

University of Surrey are looking for a Research Fellow to develop phase two of their Together Project funded by Health Education England South East Region Intellectual Disabilities Programme and National Institute for Health Research Applied Research Collaboration in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Phase 1 of the Together Project co-produced an intervention designed to support the delivery of good maternity care to people with learning disabilities.  In Phase 2 of the Together Project, the intervention will be implemented and evaluated in practice within local maternity systems in the south east of England. 

For more details please see 

A Person Centred Workforce – 26th May Online event.

At the last Community online event, Carrie Jackson – impACT, UEA facilitated a discussion with participants about what is required from our health and social care professionals in the future.

To do this, national and international leaders were gathered to share their experiences of practice and research. 

Christine-Koulla Burke and Peter Allum from the Foundation of People with Learning Disabilities shared their work on workforce development.

Paul McClusky and Sue Bridges talked about employing people with learning disabilities as experts by experience in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Professor Ruth Northway talked about the development of the All Wales Health Profile.

The final presentation was from Arianwen Selway and HMP & YOI Healthcare Team. 

Three questions provided a basis for the subsequent discussion:-

  1. What knowledge and skills do we want the future care support and health professional staff to have when they qualify?
  2. What kind of roles would we expect them to have and in what settings?
  3. What do we need to do differently that puts people with lived experience in the driving seat for change?

The Community Steering Group are using to the resulting contributions to develop a workforce framework. 

Thanks to Carrie, and all the speakers.

Daniel Marsden


Healthy Safe and Fulfilled Community Event Series

April sees the first of three online Community events which are all linked our shared purpose for people with learning disabilities and their allies to live Healthy Safe and Fulfilled lives.

		Investing in People with Learning Disabilities with Seeability image

This first event will be on 28th April from 12:30 until 2pm with Lisa Hopkins, Scott Watkin and Emily Stewart from Seeability. They will be sharing their model for investing in and mentoring people with learning disabilities to be leaders in their organisation and communities.

Click here to book a place for this event.

Further online Community events are scheduled:-

  • 26th May – A Person Centred Workforce Workshop with Carrie Jackson
  • 23rd June – Lifeswap -an interactive model for challenging stereotypes and reducing stigma- Ronnie Treston & Becky​ Leonard‑Dixon

More details to be announced.




Refreshing Our Community

Earlier in the year, Jonathan, Bob and Daniel took receipt of the Community of Practice We want to re-centre it in our region, and refresh it’s shared purpose. 

Today begins next phase for the community. Below is a film which outlines what has been done, and an outline as to where we believe the Community should be heading. 

We could do with your support with shaping this journey, and there are three things you can do:-

  1. Watch this film 


   2. Completing this Survey by 30th September

   3. Share this film and survey with others that you think would be interested.

If you’d like to work with us to analyse the results of this exercise, please let us know, either by saying so in the survey, or emailing DM on Twitter @kssldcop or letting us know on the Facebook group