Network Autism: Barriers to health care for autistic people

Patrick Sims, a freelance autism writer, discusses some of the difficulties that autistic people may face in accessing quality health care. Patrick offers some simple strategies that health care professionals could take, with minimal cost, that would improve the experiences of autistic people.

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Network Autism: Executive functioning problems in autism: a personal perspective

Finn Gardiner is a community educator, researcher, advocate, and designer, currently working with the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy at Brandeis University and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network.  In this article, he explains how executive functioning problems impact on his life and work, and shares some solutions that work for him.

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Network Autism: A review of residential special schools and colleges in England

Dame Christine Lenehan is Director of the Council for Disabled Children. She was asked by the Department for Education to carry out a review of the experiences and outcomes of children and young people in residential special schools and colleges in England. Her report, ‘Good Intentions, Good Enough?’, was published in November 2017. Here she discusses what she found and how the system needs to change.

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