Tizard Centre Seminar: We can teach you that too! Using behaviour analysis to teach reading, maths and writing to children with autism”Weds 21 Feb

Wednesday 21 February 2018 – Dr Corinna Grindle, Associate Researcher at the University of Warwick and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, with many years experience of working with children and young people with intellectual and developmental disabilites, including autism. Her key research interests include early intervention, applied behaviour analysis and fostering academic learning.
Continuing education units: 1 BCBA CEU will be available (free)

“We can teach you that too! Using behaviour analysis to teach reading, maths and writing to children with autism”
There has been considerable interest in the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis methods as a comprehensive intervention model for children with autism in home and centre-based or school-based settings. Recent systematic reviews and meta-analyses suggest positive outcome data, especially for cognitive, language and adaptive skills. In addition to a focus on social, language and other adaptive skills, ameliorating academic skill deficits (in reading, writing and maths) is often a component of these programmes. However, within the research literature on interventions for children with autism, investigating the best methods of teaching academics has received limited attention. In this presentation I will describe an approach for extending what we know about the psychology of learning to the teaching of academic skills to more fully account for the full range of skills that may be lacking in children with autism. I will describe three distinct strands of research that have effectively taught reading, maths and handwriting skills to children with autism. This talk will provide a new framework for developing and evaluating academic programmes for children with autism.

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