Pay more attention

A a group of researchers and healthcare professionals from different backgrounds with a shared interest in improving the way in which hospital care is delivered to and experienced by children and young people with long-term conditions, both with and without learning disabilities. Pay more attention wants to identify whether all children and young people receive equal access to high quality hospital care and if not, why not.  By ‘Paying More Attention’ to the needs of our most vulnerable children and young people we will help get it right for all.

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BILD Restraint Reduction Network: Wednesday Webinars

BILD are launching a new series of webinars called the Wednesday Webinar. These sessions will take place every two months with an exciting programme of guest speakers, starting on Wednesday 5 September with the Restraint Reduction Network Chair, Professor Joy Duxbury.

The webinars are free to join and will run from 12pm until 1pm. Each presentation will run for 40 minutes, with 20 minutes for attendees to ask questions.

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Professor Joy Duxbury The six core strategies of restraint reduction 5 September 2018
Dr Gary LaVigna Non-restrictive reactive strategies for situational management 7 November 2018
Dr Brodie Paterson Trauma informed care 9 January 2019
Nick Horne and Iris Benson Using the lived experiences  of people to inform restraint reduction planning 6 March 2019
Verity Chester The pitfalls of collecting data and how to avoid them 1 May 2019
Geoff Brennan Introduction to Safewards 3 July 2019