Quality improvement resource for adult social care

This resource helps shape high quality adult social care services and improve the well being of adults using social care.

Aimed at commissioners, it brings together NICE quality standards and guidelines in an easy to use format, mapped against Care Quality Commission key lines of enquiry*. It may also be useful to provider organisations and people who fund their own care.

It can help you to:

  • find quality statements (from our quality standards)
  • look at recommendations (from our managing medicines guidelines)
  • start conversations with provider colleagues to agree ways to improve quality of care in your area
  • agree ways to measure quality improvements.

Available here.

The Department of Health (DH) has launched a ten-week public consultation on proposals to consider regulation of four Medical Associate Professions (MAPs):  Mapping out our future 

  • physician associate (PA)
  • physicians’ assistant (anaesthesia) (PA(A))
  • surgical care practitioner (SCP)
  • advanced critical care practitioner (ACCP)

As these professionals become more widely employed in the health service, it is necessary to explore the options for professional regulation.

The MAPs regulation work has been governed through the HEE MAPs Oversight Board, the members of which have worked with HEE to submit advice to the DH on the case for regulation of the MAPs.

HEE has worked with the DH on the public consultation, which will inform the final decision on the most appropriate regulatory regime required for the four MAPs to protect the public. HEE firmly maintains the belief that all four professions should be regulated under the MAPs ‘umbrella’.

See the consultation here

or here.