New in Books Beyond Words: Rosie gets in shape

Rose lives on her own and she has picked up some bad habits about eating and taking exercise. Her energy is low and she gets tired easily. When her doctor tells her that her weight is causing health problems, she decides to get in shape. We follow Rose through the struggles and triumphs of her weight loss journey, the new activities she takes up, and the good friends and support she finds along the way.

Losing weight is hard for everyone. Obesity is common, and people with learning disabilities are more likely than other people to become obese, and at a younger age. Rose Gets in Shape can help people to talk about their own experiences, cope with setbacks, and plan how to make lasting positive changes to their diet and activity level, improving their health and quality of life for the long term.

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National Audit Office:Local support for people with a Learning disability

Good progress has been made by the Department of Health and NHS England in setting up a programme to close hospital beds for people with a learning disability, but the programme is not yet on track to achieve value for money. The report examines how the NHS in England and local authorities seek to improve the lives of the 129,000 people aged 18 to 64 who use local authority learning disability support services.

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