FPLD: Hidden in plain sight: dementia and learning disability

This report highlights how more that a million of people with learning disabilities have become invisible in national dementia policy.

People with a learning disability are three times more likely to develop dementia than the rest of the population. But a review of current government strategy has revealed that their needs are barely mentioned.

It is vital that 1.4 million people in Britain, identified as having a learning disability, are not invisible. We want to work with policy makers and services to make sure their needs are clearly recognised and they are provided with appropriate and targeted support as they age and if they develop Dementia.

Read the report here.

Care and Support Alliance letter to the Government

After surveying nearly 4,000 people, the Care and Support Alliance (CSA) uncovered a shocking picture of neglect. People are unable to get the basic care and support they need and enough is enough.

Can you help? Fill in the form to join us in writing to Jeremy Hunt. The more names we gather, the harder it will be for the minister to ignore.

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