Helping people with learning disabilities to give feedback

Guest speakers: Ruth Hudson – Insight Specialist, Joe Penrose – Insight and Feedback Officer, Katie Matthews, Aaron Oxford and Thomas Chalk – Learning Disability Network Managers

NHS England’s Insight and Learning Disability Engagement teams recently published their bite-size guide to helping people with a learning disability to give feedback. To complement this, they are running a webinar featuring examples of work the two teams have done.

The webinar is aimed at staff who do not have much experience of involving people with a learning disability in giving feedback. It will be of particular interest to staff working in Patient Experience and Communication and Engagement roles. Most of the services people with a learning disability use are the same services as everyone else and so it is important they are included in feedback and engagement work. Join the teams on the webinar to find out more about increasing the representation of one of the most seldom heard groups of people

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