London Eye Care Champions

As described by Grace McGill, who is an Eye Care Champion with SeeAbility: “The London Eye Care Champions are a relatively new team. We are lottery funded and we enable individuals to receive the same eye care as anybody else. We do this by awareness raising and training. If you can get a sight test right for someone with a learning disability then you can get it right for anyone!”

In this podcast, Grace McGill and Lisa Donaldson (head of eye health at SeeAbility) speak with Richard Whittington and Zoe Richmond from LOCSU (Local Optical Committee Support Unit) about the pathway to eye care for people with learning disabilities.

Refreshing Our Community

Earlier in the year, Jonathan, Bob and Daniel took receipt of the Community of Practice We want to re-centre it in our region, and refresh it’s shared purpose. 

Today begins next phase for the community. Below is a film which outlines what has been done, and an outline as to where we believe the Community should be heading. 

We could do with your support with shaping this journey, and there are three things you can do:-

  1. Watch this film 


   2. Completing this Survey by 30th September

   3. Share this film and survey with others that you think would be interested.

If you’d like to work with us to analyse the results of this exercise, please let us know, either by saying so in the survey, or emailing DM on Twitter @kssldcop or letting us know on the Facebook group